Banishing Spell Candle, The Bomb
Protection Spell Candle, The Bomb

THE BOMB | Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle | Banishing

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💣 Sometimes you just need "THE BOMB" Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle to blow up the funky, grimy negative energy that's permeating around you. Use the Bomb Candle to get rid of the funk, whether that be thoughts, people, or things. 

INGREDIENTS, SCENT: Each candle is handcrafted and triple loaded with herbs, resins, powders, and oils for banishing, protecting, and removing negative energies. Each candle is black, coated with the neutralizing power of gray, so not only are you going to remove the grimy energy, you'll also bring the energy back to neutral. The Bomb candles are cleansed and charged under lunar rays, and under the planetary influence of Saturn.

💣 Please choose your thoughts and intentions wisely when using these powerful candles!!! They are called "The Bomb" for a reason!

RECEIVE: The Bomb Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle, measuring 6 inches. 

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