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SPIRITUS Skull Candle, Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle, Samhain Candle
Spiritus Skull Candle, Samhain Candle

SPIRITUS Skull Candle | Crystal Infused with Selenite

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SPIRITUS Herbal Alchemy Spell Candles are handcrafted soy candles, created in a glass skull, for exploring the realms of the spirit world. Spiritus, meaning breathe, helps to bring life into your ritual and to communicate with those who have passed away. Use to assist in crossing the veil to the other side and to call upon your ancestors for guidance. 

INGREDIENTS, SCENT: Each candle is a deep lavender purple with sweet aromas of pomegranate and vanilla, perfect for the Samhain season. Adorning the top is mugwort, for opening the third eye and enhancing visions, along with selenite, to open communication with spirits and the higher self. A shimmery burnt orange and silver glitter is misted over each candle for the final touch. Spiritus candles are cleansed and charged under lunar rays. 

*As the candle burns, the color of the wax turns a deep purple, exposing the face of the skull more prominently. It's gorgeous! 

RECEIVE: SPIRITUS Skull Container Soy Candle.

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