Spirit of Samhain Candle, Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle

SPIRIT Of SAMHAIN | Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle | Honor the Dead

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Celebrate the Spirit of Samhain, with this festive herbal alchemy spell candle created to honor the dead! The Witch's New Year is a time when the veil is at it's thinnest, making communication with our ancestors more accessible. Light your Spirit of Samhain candle to connect with loved ones who have passed away and to celebrate this sacred time of year. 

INGREDIENTS, SCENT: Each candle is handcrafted and double loaded with herbs, powders, and oils for honoring the dead and celebrating the witch's new year, also known as Samhain. Each candle is scented with star anise and cardamon, has an orange interior and a black exterior and is sprinkled with a shimmery orange glitter, to represent the energy of the season. Spirit of Samhain candles are charged under lunar rays. 

RECEIVE: Spirit of Samhain Herbal Alchemy Spell Candle, measuring 6 inches. 

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