Ruby Zoisite Pendulum

Ruby Zoisite Pendulum | for Divination, Intuition

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This six-sided pendulum is crafted out of the powerful stone, ruby zoisite, a natural mineral hybrid, of sorts, that combines the courage and strength of ruby, with the growth and fertility vibration of zoisite. Using a pendulum with this powerful stone helps maintain positivity in your pendulum practice.

Pendulums are typically used to divine, or predict answers to simple questions in one’s life. Questions as varied as, “Should I continue start this project today?”, or “Is it the right time to quit my job?” are examples of how a pendulum can be incorporated into a practice of intuition development.

Adorned with our signature silver feather at the tip where the pendulum is gently held, your intentions move through your fingers into the Universe. Before shipping, all pendulums are cleansed with herbs and botanicals, and charged under lunar rays.

Encourage your passion and creativity, and enjoy the moment with this treasured Ruby Zoisite Pendulum. 

RECEIVE: Ruby Zoisite Pendulum, measuring 6-8 inches long.

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy