LADYBUG - Spirit Totem Oil for Ritual, Meditation, Spell Work

LADYBUG - Spirit Totem Oil for Ritual, Meditation, Spell Work

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Ladybug Spirit Totem Oil is a handcrafted anointing oil created to use during ritual, meditation, and spell work for channeling the spirit of the ladybug. 

Each Spirit Oil is hand blended with essential oils and herbs of angelica, cherry, red sandalwood, and elderberry. The carrier oil used in this blend is grapeseed, a smooth oil for a lasting scent. Ladybug Spirit Oil is created during a channeling meditation to invoke the spirit and guidance of the ladybug into each blend. 

✭ When a ladybug lands on you, take notice of the spots on her back, and for every spot, count your blessings. The ladybug spirit teaches us to find joy in the little things and to believe in the power of wishes. Embrace your uniqueness, dream with an open heart, and live life with passion! Be patient with yourself and never give up on your dreams. 

Spirit Oils Uses:
~ Anoint yourself or sacred tools for meditation or ritual 
~ Dress candles for spell workings
~ Diffuse or burn
~ Wear as a perfume


---> LADYBUG Spirit Oil, featured in a 1/3 ounce glass bottle with a roll on applicator, labeled with the ingredients, also comes with a Ladybug Magick guidance card for your journal or book of shadows.

All of my Spirit Oils are hand blended with natural ingredients straight from mother earth and are safe for the skin. 

*** Always test a small area of your skin prior to using any oil.***


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