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Harvest Herbal Spell Blend

HARVEST Herbal Spell Blend for Lammas Sabbat, Lughnasadh - Incense, Candle Dressing, Ritual

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Harvest Herbal Spell Blend is handcrafted for the Lammas Sabbat with seasonal herbs, fruits, spices, and woods to assist you in celebrating the first harvest festival of the year. Each year we thoughtfully plant our seeds, care and watch them grow, and harvest the fruits of our labor. Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, is a time to give thanks and to gather the earth's blessings!

USES: Burn as a loose incense, add to ritual baths or floor washes, use to dress spell candles, use as altar offerings, stuff poppets or sachets, add to a mojo or spell bag, or use as casting herbs and throw into a cauldron fire.

INGREDIENTS: Harvest Herbal Spell Blend is handcrafted with frankincense resin, elder berry, oats, carraway, magnolia, yarrow flowers, apple, sunflowers, and a few other secret ingredients to capture the essence of the Lammas Sabbat. Each herbal spell blend is handcrafted in sacred space and charged under solar rays.

RECEIVE: Harvest Herbal Spell Blend, featured in a labeled 2 oz glass jar with lid, includes a descriptive how to card.

With gratitude, comes abundance. May your harvest be plentiful.

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