Black Sage Mugwort Smudge Bundle

BLACK SAGE MUGWORT Smudge Bundle | for Intuition

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Cleanse and bless this spirit and place, only good shall enter our sacred space.

Also known as mugwort smudge, this Black Sage Smudge Bundle is typically burned to facilitate psychic intuition, astral travel, and journeying to the spirit realms. When embarking on a spiritual journey of any kind, it is vital that you set clear intentions, including the intention to only allow for “light” energies to accompany you.

Using a sage bundle as part of a myriad of rituals allows for cleansing of, and protection against negativity. Get creative with your rituals, remembering to stay grounded in good.

*All of the herbs and plants used to create the smudge bundles in our shop are ethically sourced from independent farms.

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy