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AMORE | Herbal Alchemy Spell Candles | Love, Passion

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AMORE Herbal Alchemy Spell Candles are handcrafted soy candles to attract love, romance, and passion. These candles are great to set the scene for a romantic evening for two. Use Amore for a candle lit dinner, surround the bathtub for a little ambience, or place near the nightstand to release the spicy aroma.

INGREDIENTS, SCENT: Each candle is a sultry red, a blended scent of spicy, warm cinnamon and vanilla, and adorned with hibiscus flowers, jasmine flowers, and a secret ingredient. Bright red glitter is sprinkled on  top of each candle for the final touch! Amore candles are crafted on the day of Venus and cleansed and charged under the full moon.

BURN TIME: Each candle has a 12+ hour burn time.

RECEIVE: Set of 4 AMORE Soy Tealight Candles. 

✭ All candles are packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable boxes.

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