Witchcraft Courses | Crafting a Magickal Life

Discover the Practice of Everyday Magick

The Witch's Guide is a selection of courses designed to support you along your spiritual journey. 

Whether you're new to the practice of witchcraft or a seasoned witch, each course will lead you to discover fresh ideas and techniques for learning the practice of witchcraft and magick. 

Each course is self paced, with exercises and techniques, journal prompts, and a private facebook group where your questions can be answered directly.

A Beginner's Guide to Energy

The ultimate guide to energy for witches, pagans, and metaphysical practitioners.

A Beginner's Guide to Energy, The Witch's Guide, Everyday Magick

Developing Clairsentience 

How to Develop Your Natural Psychic Ability of Clairsentience 

Developing Your Clairsentience, The Witch's Guide, Everyday Magick