Our Story

It all started in the garden, the place where Spirit speaks time and time again...

From an early age, I've had a desire to be outside with my bare feet against the earth, feeling the breeze across my face, and running through the forest. As an adult, this hasn't changed, but now I'm doing these things with my little ones. When I brought my daughter home from China in 2013, I wanted to share my spiritual practice with her, to instill within her a love for Magick. Naturally, my Youtube channel and Etsy shop evolved over time and I became known as "The Witchy Mommy"... a name given to me by my daughter Lily.

Having children has taught me to live more in the present, to craft Magick with my girls by my side. I hope when you browse through our shop, you will feel the love and passion we share for the products we create. I say "We" because my daughters inspire everything I do, and often times their little hands are spreading Magick into each item you see.

In our shop, we handcraft a beautiful assortment of herbal spell blends, animal spirit oils, alchemy powders and sprays with natural ingredients straight from mother earth.

Every item in our shop is created with high vibrational energy, blessed on our altar, and infused with Magick.

We also offer a selection of high quality herbs, crystals, wildcrafted curios, divination tools, amulets, and more. These sacred tools of the earth are all designed and crafted to inspire you to live a Magickal life. Thank you for visiting our shop!

Many Blessings,