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CEDAR Smudge Bundle for Courage, Protection, Strength

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Cedar Smudge Bundles have a distinct, earthy evergreen aroma and are used to purify an environment of stale, stagnant energy. Cedar offers protection and helps to really get a deep cleanse of your environment and yourself. It's great for healing your spirit and helping you to remember your self-confidence and your personal power. Cedar gives you a sense of "I can do this."

It's like a companion, when you don't have a friend to encourage you, when you need an extra pick me up. Burn cedar when you are feeling down for a lift. Cedar promotes inner strength and helps you to look at projects in more of a courageous way. If you're having a hard time finishing something or having a hard time working things out in your personal life, it can help. 

USES: Smudge yourself and others, environment, and/or ritual tools. Burn cedar prior to ritual to empower your spell workings.

RECEIVE: (1) Cedar Smudge Bundle, measuring 4 inches in length, vibrant in color and fragrance. Your herb will arrive to you labeled with the name of the herb and uses.

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