Dream Catcher Herbal Sachet
Dream Catcher Herbal Sachet

DREAM CATCHER Herbal Alchemy Sachet | Dream Recall

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Dream Catcher Herbal Alchemy Sachet is a blend of mystical herbs to help you remember your dreams, enjoy a peaceful night's rest, and to guide you through the astral plane.

USES: You may enjoy each Dream Catcher Herbal Sachet as a pillow sachet, brew as a soothing cup of herbal tea prior to bedtime, or burn as a loose incense. All ingredients used in crafting this blend are safe for consumption.

INGREDIENTS: Each blend is crafted with fresh dried herbs, flowers, and roots and charged with amethyst crystal to open your third eye.A few of the ingredients include chamomile, lavender, blue vervain, etc...to maintain the magickal and authentic integrity of each handcrafted blend, many ingredients remain a secret.

RECEIVE: Dream Catcher Herbal Alchemy Sachet featured in a blue organza bag, measuring 3x4 inches, labeled with uses, and stuffed to the brim. 

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