Harvest Herbal Alchemy Spray

Harvest Herbal Alchemy Spray | for Lammas Sabbat

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Each year we thoughtfully plant our seeds, care and watch them grow, and harvest the fruits of our labor. Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, is the first harvest festival of the year and is a time to give thanks and to gather the earth's blessings!

USES: Harvest Herbal Alchemy Spray can be used to mist yourself or sacred space during your Lammas Sabbat ritual or meditation. All sprays are blended with natural ingredients straight from mother earth and are crafted with high vibrational energy and intention.

INGREDIENTS: A handcrafted blend of essential oils and herbs of yarrow, frangipani, amber, chamomile, blackberry leaf, and sunflower to celebrate the Lammas Sabbat. Harvest is charged with pyrite crystal, featured inside the bottle, and is blessed on our Lammas altar.

RECEIVE: Harvest Herbal Alchemy Spray, featured in a 2 oz amber glass atomizer bottle, adorned with decorative cording and a silver pentacle. Each bottle is labeled with ingredients!

With gratitude, comes abundance! May your harvest be plentiful!

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy