Pagan Children's Book Review: ABC Book of Shadows

Written by Feather GardenBelle

ABC Book of Shadows Book Review 

ABC Book of Shadows

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ABC Book of Shadows by Katie Lydon Olivares is the perfect little witchy book for learning the alphabet and for exploring the beauty of magick with children.

Long before Lily came into my life, I discovered this little book and hoped that one day I would have a little one to share it with. ABC Book of Shadows was the first witchy book I bought for Lily's collection.

Full of charm and delight, this little book is full of illustrations portraying a pagan's connection to nature, the sabbats, deity, ritual, the elements, various tools of witchcraft, and so much more.

With each letter of the alphabet, your child is taken into the realm of nature's magick and introduced to common pagan terminology.

Often times, when I'm crafting with herbs, I'm also usually writing in my book of shadows. As soon as I sit down and start working, Lily anticipates what's going to happen next and runs across the hall to her room.

She promptly returns to sit next to me, with her little witch book in hand.

I especially enjoy the moments when Lily is mimicking what I'm doing, but in her own special way. Watching her scribble on paper, flipping through her little book, and enjoying herself.

ABC Book of Shadows is great for referencing certain things in my spiritual practice I may be doing at the present moment. Even though Lily can watch me, the little book makes her feel special and included in our spiritual activities.

I will often tell her to turn the page to letter C and will then ask her questions like, "What do we burn in our cauldron?" which usually leads to a demonstration by Lily. She's so cute to watch!

The illustrations in this book are beautifully designed and lovely for guiding the imagination of any child.

ABC Book of Shadows by Katie Lydon Olivares
ABC Book of Shadows
Author: Katie Lydon Olivares 
Publisher: (2005)
Age Range: 2 years old and up

I'm able to easily encourage Lily to talk about objects in our prayer room, on our altar, and around the house.

My favorite aspect of ABC Book of Shadows is the rhyming flow of the book! What's a little witchy book without a little rhyme?

Overall, this little book is a great learning resource for any parent wanting to share a pagan path with their child.

I have used this little book so many times in fun little learning activities, from letter recognition, word recognition, matching objects, to basic spiritual dialogue.

Did I mention there is a Witch's Glossary of Terms in the back?

We really enjoy reading and plan on keeping this little book on our shelves as a basic reference guide for years to come!


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