DIY Spelled Bath Bombs for Self Love, Beauty

Written by Feather GardenBelle

How to Make Spelled Bath Bombs for Self-Love and Beauty

I am obsessed with taking baths and when it comes to ritual, adding a little fizz and excitement is just what we need to set our intentions flying into the air! Bath bombs are a fun and creative way to create a ritual bath for any intention like love, protection, success, health, purification, etc...

Experiment, have fun, and make some fizzy Magick!!!

Here is a simple DIY recipe for making bath bombs.

Time: 10 minutes to make, 8 hours to dry
Difficulty: Easy 


DIY Spelled Bath Bombs


✭ 1/2 cup baking soda

✭ 1/4 cup citric acid

✭ 1/4 epsom salt 

✭ 2 tbsp crushed rose petals (you can also use mica powders or other skin safe coloring additives)

✭ 1/4 tsp rose essential oil (skin safe)

✭ 1.5 tbsp almond oil

✭ 1 teaspoon water (this will depend on humidity in your environment, add small amount at a time)

✭ 2 tbsp Radiant Glamour Herbal Spell Blend

Bath bomb mold (you can also use a round ornament, easter egg, or ice cream scoop)

✭ Mixing bowl

✭ Whisk or fork



1. Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.

2. In a separate bowl, combine all wet ingredients in a bowl.

3. Use a dropper to slowly add wet ingredients to dry mixture. Go slow to avoid activating the citric acid!

4. Your mixture is ready when you can squeeze a shape into your hand and it stays in place. If your mixture is too loose, slowing add water in small amounts.

5. Shape your bath bombs using your mold, packing both sides well and pushing together.

6. Allow your bath bomb to rest in your mold for 10 minutes before removing.

7. Use a spoon to tap the top of the mold, this will help to remove it.

8. Gently place on a paper towel and allow to dry completely for 8 hours before placing in the bath.

9. Prepare for a ritual bath: light candles, play soothing music, add crystals around the tub, light some incense.

10. Add your bath bomb to the bath. Visualize your intentions as the bath bomb fizzes into the water. Soak for as long as you desire and enjoy yourself.


Want me to create a Custom Spelled Bath Bomb for your specific intention? Spelled Bath Bombs available in my Shop.

✭✭✭ I've also made a DIY Video on my YouTube channel, where I walk you through each step and demonstrate how these amazing bath bombs work! ✭✭✭

Enjoy and Many Blessings,

FeatherGardenBelle The Witchy Mommy

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