Crafting Magick Tip: Lemongrass Spiritual Floor Cleanse


Lemongrass Spiritual Floor Cleanse

Have you ever wondered where low vibrational energy comes from?

More times than not, it's what we bring into our homes from the outside that can make our environment feel bad. Even though you may be good at taking your shoes off at the front entrance, outside energies have a way of finding themselves into the home. 

After a thorough physical floor cleaning, it's a good idea to spiritually cleanse your floors too! Lemongrass is one of those purifying herbs that has been traditionally used in magickal floor sweeps and washes. Lemons hold a purifying vibration and have the ability of removing the nasties, leaving behind a fragrant aroma that just smells clean!

Crafting Magick Tip: Lemongrass Spiritual Floor Cleanse

Take a look at the cleaning aisle in the store next time you're out shopping and count how many products are lemon scented! It's no wonder this herb is great to wash your floors with. Its versatility is a huge factor as Lemongrass has the ability to remove energetic obstacles you may have around you.

Lemongrass is known as a road opener and helps to open the doors to new opportunities.

Try it out for yourself and see how it changes the energy of a room. 

For more tips on how to prepare your own magickal floor sweep or wash, check out my latest YouTube video all about Lemongrass as a Spiritual Floor Cleanse.



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    Oh, I’ve never seen it grown so large! Wow! What a great idea, too. The baby sweeping is just the sweetest. Thanks for making the video. Peace and blessings.

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