Crafting Magick Tip: Ladybug Spirit

Written by Feather GardenBelle

Ladybug Symbolism

Ladybug Symbolism, Ladybug Magick, Animal Totem, Crafting Magick Tips

Good Luck, Wishes, Blessings, Individuality, Determination, Patience, Love, Passion. 

Next time a ladybug lands on you, notice the spots on her back and for every spot, count your blessings. The more you pay attention to the little things in life, the more blessings you will attract to you.

Crafting Magick Tip: Ladybug

In the garden, Ladybugs are great to have around, to ward off the pests. They especially love aphids and are extremely beneficial, offering protection for your crops so you can receive a good harvest.

Not only are ladybugs a good luck charm, they are gentle, loving, and protective.

The bright red shells with black spots are a reminder to stand out in the crowd, be unique, and to live boldly, with passion.

In the Shop, you can find the Ladybug Spirit Oil, created to use during ritual, meditation, and spell work for channeling the spirit of the ladybug. Anoint the body, dress candles, or diffuse in sacred space.



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