The Inner Compass: Developing Your Intuition

Often times I find myself intuitively and instinctively knowing the outcome of certain situations before they take place. It's as if someone has outlined the major bullet points in my head in one big flash. Now this is not to say that I can predict the numbers of the lottery or major catastrophic events in the world. I'm referring to situations in my immediate environment. As a registered nurse, when I was working in the hospital, I experienced many situations where my intuition kicked into high gear. I'm going to tell you a story, one that is personal to my journey and one that I haven't shared with many...until now.

I was in the process of discharging a patient from the hospital, according to the doctor's orders, and felt every inch of my body, fighting against it. I knew deep down inside there was something majorly wrong with my patient. I sensed it from the time he was admitted to the observation unit I was working in. I remember the doctor telling him all the tests were normal...I remember feeling heavy in my stomach. I remember that day so clearly. As I was getting onto the elevator with my patient, pushing him in the wheelchair to the entrance of the hospital, where his wife would be picking him up, I started to feel sick.

Just to give you a little background, earlier in the day, my patient had mentioned to me about a huge business meeting he needed to attend. He was stressed out about catching a plane ride and this meeting was super important for his career. So, as I dropped him off at the entrance, I started to walk back to the unit. When I got to my unit, I started to check on my other patients and I couldn't shake this sick energy spinning inside my stomach and I started to feel light headed. Then, the images came and I kept seeing my patient getting onto the airplane and falling down. I saw images of people getting out of their seats to help him and I saw him lying in the middle of the aisle. In addition to these images, I felt sick, weak in my knees, and had a voice inside my head, that kept getting louder by the minute, saying "Stop him, don't let him go!" Taking a break for a minute to type....typing this out is bringing up a lot of stuff for me.... So I stopped what I was doing, asked a fellow nurse a question, confirming my feelings, and immediately went back upstairs towards the entrance, hoping he had not left the hospital.

There he was, sitting in the chair, looking worse, and as I approached him, my worries of whether or not I could convince him to stay, washed away. I had no idea how I was going to tell this man that something was wrong, when all of the tests were normal and the doctor said everything was ok. Not to mention he was determined to attend this meeting! Spirit took over that day and my higher self spoke to him. I remember speaking to him, the words flowing effortlessly, feeling centered, light as a feather, but full of energy. I felt weightless. I don't remember the specific words, but I do remember not being afraid of looking or sounding nuts, and the energy from my heart streaming out towards him. He felt this energy from me and when our eyes locked, he agreed to get in the wheelchair and come downstairs with me, back to the unit. As I settled him back in bed, I called the physician, spirit still guiding me, and told him what I thought. I mentioned to him that I made the decision to bring him back to the unit, to cancel his discharge. I honestly don't know how I convinced this doctor to readmit this patient and to consult a neurologist, all based on my gut feelings, but he did. Divine intervention at work.

Within 30 minutes of the patient being back in bed, he started to lose feeling in his legs. The neurologist came to the floor, and said to me "he's lucky to have you as his nurse." By the end of my shift, the patient was completely paralyzed from the waist down. He was later transferred to ICU, never got on the airplane, and missed a life changing business meeting. His wife came to the unit later that day and thanked me over and over, and questioned how I managed to convince her "stubborn" husband to stay in the hospital. I honestly at the time, was so overwhelmed, that I didn't have the words to explain myself. I just told her "spirit guided me..." His world changed after that day, and so did mine. I learned to tune into my intuition more and more as time went on, to not question the voice or the feelings or the sensations or the images, to follow it with every inch of my being. I learned to trust my higher self and to pay attention to my inner compass!!! My patient came to the hospital months later to visit me, in a wheelchair. I wasn't there that day, but he left me a letter. He expressed his gratitude, along with his wife, and said that he would never forget it, neither would I.

I believe this intuitive ability lives within all of us. Intuition is part of our makeup. We each have our own unique compass, guiding us throughout our lives, some of us our just better at using this skill than others. I should mention that it has taken me quite some time to develop the skill of listening, to interpret the energy presented to me. With all things we do, practice is our key to developing our gifts. Since childhood, we have each had opportunities where our intuitive abilities have either been nourished or pushed to the side by our external environment and personal experiences. Some of us have been able to develop these psychic gifts from early childhood, where others have not. Regardless of our upbringing, conditions of society, and experiences from the past, we each have an intuitive skill that helps us to navigate through our life. Not only do we each have an inner compass, we have a lifetime to enhance our skill and to develop our intuition. You have the ability to tap into and harness the power of your own unique ability. For everyone the process of using our intuition is different. Some of us feel energy, see energy, know energy, and hear energy. There will be more on the topic of the Clair's at a later time.

For now, I have decided to keep this simple and to just give you 3 simple ways for you to fine tune your inner compass and to develop your intuition.

1. Mindfulness - Practice giving attention to your surroundings, to your present environment, and living in the moment. Watch yourself doing simple tasks. For example, when you are preparing your morning coffee or tea, be present. Remove thoughts of all the things you need to get done, and just be in the moment. Watch yourself prepare the coffee. Pulling the cup off the shelve, pouring the coffee into the cup, listening to the sounds of the liquid hitting the sides of the cup, feeling the motion of the spoon stirring in the creamer. Literally, acknowledge every step you take in the process.

2. Meditation - Practice relaxing the body and mind, drawing attention to the breath, preferably for at least 20 minutes per day. Having a routine where you consciously take time for yourself helps you to find greater self-awareness and to expand your consciousness.

3. Nature Walks - Practice being present in nature and allowing the earth to communicate to you without analyzing it. Be fully present in nature, remove external stimuli such as phones and iPods, and use your senses to experience nature. Later on, you can analyze everything, and journal about the experience and any synchronicity that may have happened.

 Let's share with each other. Do you actively follow your inner compass and are you routinely developing your intuition? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below. You never know who may need to hear what you have to say and I can't wait to read them! 

Recently, I took the time to participate in a community tag spreading around on YouTube, called the Intuition Tag. I really enjoyed the process of sharing a little more about myself and found some of the questions to be challenging. I hope you enjoy watching it and if you would like to participate, please leave me a comment so I can watch your video.

Using our intuition and connecting to our higher self is vital to practicing any form of magick. Allowing our inner compass to guide our spiritual practice is where the magick takes initial form.

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As always, may these tips and suggestions help you to Craft Magick Spirited as a Feather!



  • Cathi

    Thank you Feather for being open and sharing with us, your experiences in life.

    I have had several intuition moments throughout my life. They were more profound and frequent in my youth. When I was in second grade my parents were having marital problems so my father thought if we took a month vacation around the USA maybe that would improve things for their marriage. During our travels of 29 states that year, we went to a museum that had glass enclosements that displayed fossils, to dinosaur eggs, numerous items. It was packed full of people, you were filed in line like cattle, and walked through. I had to go to the bathroom just as we shortly started the tour and entered down the marble or granite steps to begin looking at displays. I was told to wait by my mother but I instinctively knew where the bathroom was. As though I had been there before. I assure you I never have been. That was the only vacation we ever went on. As my parents divorced a few years later after this.

    Another intuition moment was about ten years ago, my daughter was working at a game store in the mall. I am not personally into gaming but my hubby and son are. So as I walked through the small crowded store, I started to get feelings that someone was either not liking me, or my daughter. Few minutes later as I was walking in a circle around the perimeter of the inside of the store; a girl was sitting on the floor restocking the shelf and had long brown hair. I never did see her face. But I stopped a little away from her facing away from me. I had a surge of feelings that this girl hated my daughter, I could feel the girls feelings coming off her. So the next day I told my daughter about what I felt. However, my daughter was irritated at me that I would say or think anything like that, about a co-worker of hers. Almost a week had passed, my daughter called me up on the phone and told me this girl was trying to get her fired as she wanted her job, and felt she deserved more so than my daughter deserved it. I am not blessed with any images except during sleep and dream work. I get sickening gut wrenching feelings in the pit of my stomach.
    I tend to get messages that are very emotionally upsetting of tragedy delivered to me in my dreams.

  • Rhonda Starr

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience in the hospital! I used to be a wheelchair transportation driver and one morning at 6 a.m., I pulled into the driveway of my young (40 yrs. old) dialysis patient who was normally out the door within 30 seconds of my arrival. On this cold, snowy winter morning, she wasn’t coming out at her usual time. In fact, I felt something very wrong inside of me and instead of just sitting in the vehicle waiting for her husband to bring her out like he always did, I got out of the van and walked up to her door. I knocked and he answered, completely strung out on drugs and she was in the lazy boy chair in full cardiac arrest because he had deliberately overdosed her. I saved her life that day. She only lived another three years, but she immediately got away from him after that day and lived out the rest of her life with her daughter. Had I not paid attention to my intuition that morning, she would have died within minutes.

  • Madeleine

    Love your article on intuition. What a beautiful and heartfelt story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us – your readers. These feelings of intuition are so strong when we are younger. Personallly I rely on it every week of my life. I see it so much in our children but sometimes I think it gets tampened down as we age and life stress and technology takes over. Sad. Thank you for these great way to encourage reconnecting.

  • Dan Pierce

    Thank you dear for sharing your experience and a beautiful teaching. I loved the story and the simple 3 guidelines for wakeful mindfulness bring sour presence to the moment that we are in. I am on that journey and am a work in progress! Again thank you.

  • Bernard Charles

    Wow. This story belongs in a book! Also thank you for the suggested tools! I don’t have a juniper wand!!

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