Yuletide Blessings from Nature

Do you know what I love the most about the holidays? Sharing!!! I've really enjoyed sharing daily Witchy Stocking Stuffer Tips with all of you on my Facebook Page and I have one final tip to share with you. This tip is one of the most thoughtful ways to spread holiday cheer, straight from mother earth herself!

And the Final Witchy Stocking Stuffer Tip of 2014 is....

***Fill Your Loved One's Stocking with Treasured Blessings from Nature***

We had a Magickal Yule exploring some of our favorite spots at the beach and we were blessed with so many witchy goodies, straight from mother earth!


Always nice to collect a few 5 pointed pods!

I've discovered a Necklacepod tree and must have one for my yard now :)
These little fiddler crabs are everywhere and hubby is super fascinated with them!
It's not often I get the chance to have a pink feather (maybe Spoonbill or Flamingo?)
Feathers, feathers, feathers make me happy!
Green like seaweed, bring to me, abundance and prosperity!
and happier
Lily was so excited and she found the largest feather of the day!
Beachside selfie with my new hair band from the best Mama in the world!
Happy, happy, joy, joy, beautiful Yule!
My little nature girl
Hubby always finds the best treasures!!!
Home is where the beach is :)
The best part about the holidays!


In case you missed all the Witchy Stocking Stuffer Tips on Facebook or would just like to see all of them in one place, you can visit my Witchy Yule Christmas board on Pinterest. By the way, did you know I'm offering MONTHLY Facebook GIVEAWAYS! I'm excited, how about you?!


***Yuletide Blessings & Merry Christmas to you and your family***


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