Time to Get Off Your Broom!

For the longest time I felt the whole idea of relaxing was overrated. I've since changed my perspective, as motherhood has a way of creating a whole new dimension of tiredness. Even though there is always something for me to do, taking time for myself to relax has become a vital part of my daily routine. So when my favorite ASMR artist posted a new video with tibetan singing bowls and positive affirmations and a mix of organic sounds to soothe my mind, I was in tingly magickal heaven. I couldn't wait to share this witchy goodness with all of you because let's face it, every now and then we must get off our brooms and relax!

So, if you're finding it hard to fall asleep or are just looking for an alternative way to wind down from a busy day, you may find ASMR videos helpful. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ASMR, here's the cliff note version for you. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is when an individual experiences tingly sensations in the head, neck, back, spinal regions, or other areas of the body in response to watching someone perform a task, listening to certain sounds, feeling external stimuli, etc... When I was a child, I would always ask my mother to tickle my back or to play with my hair, simply because it felt good. Ever notice your body relaxing after listening to someone talk, who has a quiet, soft voice? How about when you go to the hairdresser and walk out of the salon feeling light and airy? What about listening to the sounds of someone wrapping a package with bubble wrap? How about watching someone draw? These are just a few activities that may create tingly sensations in the body and help to promote relaxation.

If you would like to be transported into the world of ASMR, just go onto YouTube and you will be amazed at all the variety. ASMR videos have really become quite an art form and some of these artists are so creative. As you start exploring, you will find what relaxes you and what irritates you, ha! Some of my favorites are watching and listening to the sounds of someone brushing their hair, listening to velcro sounds, watching someone perform crafty tasks, watching and listening to nails scratching against different types of surfaces, role-plays, etc... I'm not a fan of watching and listening to anything with water sounds and chewing or eating sounds, to name a few. There is a little something for everyone though, as you will soon discover...
Here are some of my favorite channels to get you started...
Blessings and Happy Relaxing!

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