Ignite the Fire, Make Some Magick

Where there is a desire, there is strength and where there is love, there is fire! Over the last several weeks I've been seeing images of dragons, mostly in random objects in nature, one of the ways spirit communicates with me. After some time thinking about these appearances I've realized something I needed to nurture within myself more, my inner strengths and the love I have for Magick and my practice as a Witch.
Along side the dragons, I've had the same snake appear to me twice in the last couple of weeks and both times I have almost literally stepped on this shadow creature. I've come to the realization that spirit is pushing me towards the shedding of an old mind set, the one that I've told myself for quite sometime...."I can't do that, I don't know enough, people won't want to learn from me, I don't have any certifications or professional training, and I'm not good enough." As I write all of this out, for the whole world to see, I know now is the time more than ever for THE FIRE TO BE RELEASED! As personal as my thoughts may be, I want to share them, because I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. Time to stop the self sabotage and work towards our dreams and projects that fuel our fire, that make us feel alive, that bring energies of love and joy into our lives, that nurture our strengths and inner desires, and make some Magick!

So, let me rephrase, so the mind will focus on the truth...


Changing our thoughts to speak the truth, now that's magick!
Over the last week or so I've started on a project, one to supplement my current workings as a metaphysical shop owner, but MOSTLY to supplement my soul's passions for wanting to share and to help others on their journeys. So, after enough answers, signs, and pushes from spirit over the last couple of years, I'm doing it! I'm understanding more and more everyday, there is a quiet dragon that lies within all of us, and when it awakens from the slumber, it will reach up towards the sky, and ignite that fire! 
In case you haven't seen my latest video, all about Bloodstone Crystals for the Face, check it out. The more we nurture ourselves inside and out, the more we can share that with others.
Yesterday, I posted a picture of myself on Instagram, one where I feel beautiful on the inside and the outside and asked others to do the same, using the hashtag #beautifulwitch. I'm spreading some love in the community, so if you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media, I would love to see your pic!
Stay tuned for upcoming services I will be offering to the community, to be revealed at a future date and time. For those of you reading my thoughts, thank you.
May we all awaken our inner dragon, ignite the fire, and create some magick!

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