Planting Lucky Shamrocks, Clovers: Gardening with Children

The magickal month of March is the perfect time to get out in the garden with our children and plant some lucky shamrocks. So, that's just what we did, along with a few other lucky green activities.

First we headed over to the witchy room and searched through our herbal cabinet, looking for a jar of lucky shamrocks aka clovers. I usually always have some on hand, as you never know when you will need a little boost in luck. Last year, clovers grew all over my yard and I was able to dry and press quite a few. Luckily, we still had some left in our jar and quickly set up our table for our hands on learning activity.

Lily enjoyed holding the delicate little shamrocks and counting the leaves, all of which were three. Even though the spotlight is mostly on four leaf clovers, I say never underestimate the power of three. I took this learning opportunity to talk with her about the color, the shape, the texture, and mostly the magick that each shamrock holds inside.

While Lily colored a few lucky shamrocks and a cute little leprechaun, I shared a story with her about the little green men with buckle hats, shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold, and mostly luck.

Even though the weather was a little cool and windy, we decided our shamrocks could not wait any longer to be planted. A few of them had already decided to start sprouting in our bucket. This was a great opportunity to show Lily the lucky little green shoots coming off the top of the root. Not a stranger to planting, Lily began making her holes, dropping the shamrocks in, and covering them up.
Who knew her favorite part about gardening would be all things messy! Go figure, mine too!

Mostly though, she loves using her watering canister, which at the moment is missing the filter, so she has been drowning the plants. Fun times! On a side note, Lily's favorite activity when mama is not looking is to put scoops of dirt into the dog's water bowl. She stirs it around, making the perfect mud soup, and can't help herself, but must sit right in it. Several times in the past, while I have looked away, busy in the garden, Lily has been seen sitting in the dog's water bowl, splashing water everywhere and completely nakey! HEHEHE!!! I've developed a whole new set of wrinkles in my face from laughing so hard at the silly things she does. I love those kind of wrinkles and I love motherhood!

Our last adventure for the day was when Lily found a lucky rock in the yard, which is currently on an airplane with her Baba. She decided she wanted to paint it. So now, we have a lucky green rock and in the next couple of weeks will have beautiful green shamrocks for the front porch!

By the way, there are also purple shamrocks you can plant for the upcoming Spring Equinox. Get excited!!!

Want to see more of our spiritual gardening moments together? Check out the video, Gardening with Children: A Spiritual Practice.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming garden season with your children as much as I do!

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