Introducing Oracle Cards to Children: A Learning Activity

Including our children in our spiritual practices is easy as playing with a deck of oracle cards! As I sit at my altar, shuffling my cards, quietly in the background is the voice of Little Bear on the TV, and in my lap, squirming around, is little Lily. We are sitting at our family altar and I am preparing for my morning oracle reading. Lily, leaning over the altar, is trying her best to blow out the tiny red ember of the burning stick incense. This is a typical morning with my two year old, one who wants an active role in everything mommy does.

Everything we do can be turned into a learning experience for our children and our spiritual practices are no different. With that being said, I've got a simple, fun, and easy learning activity for introducing oracle cards to your child, which I believe both of you will find enjoyable!

Introducing Oracle Cards to Children
 First, chose an oracle deck to work with, preferably one that is visually simplistic and with cards that are appealing to the eye of a child. You want the images to be easy for your child to identify.

Even though there are a few decks on the market specifically for children, I love the Earth Magic Oracle Deck by Steven D. Farmer. Each card represents a beautiful scene of our planet earth and encourages a grounding relationship with mother nature and your child. At the top of each card are simple corresponding words, making this an excellent opportunity to teach basic reading concepts. Most importantly though, Lily responds to the deck and can't wait to get her hands on the cards.

Next, lay all of the cards on the floor in front of your child and allow your child to handpick 5-7 cards they are attracted to. The number of cards is preference. With each card, encourage a dialogue between you and your child.

Here is an example, using the Rainbow card, of some of the questions I would ask:
- What is this?
- What do you see?
- What colors are in the rainbow?
- Where are rainbows?
- What else is in the sky?

I like to keep my questions short and simple, but depending on the age of your child, your questions may vary from mine.

Skies the limit on where you can take your child's imagination or where they can take yours. This learning activity is really quite fascinating! Take a look at the 7 cards Lily chose to talk about. Do you notice anything about the cards?

Often times you will find that your child will converse with you about each card, pointing out things you haven't asked about or mentioned. I like to listen to Lily's perspective about each card and I will look for patterns in the cards and in her responses to each one. There is much to be gained from this process, no matter what the age of your child. I have been quite surprised by what I have learned from her. 

Share with your child! Most importantly build a solid spiritual foundation for your child, one that enhances their intuition, creativity, joy, and passion!

I hope you will try this learning activity with your child and feel free to comment below about your experiences. I would love to hear them!

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