Hidden in the Snow

As I watch the snow fall to the ground, I sit in silence, and listen to the random thoughts dancing around in my head. Strangely enough, I can't stop thinking about the plants I recently covered with plastic, buried under the snow, wondering if they are going to make it. Are they suffocating? Do they feel trapped? Can you imagine having piles of snow on top of you, with no way to stretch out or to even move? Pressure. I feel the pressure. Random, I realize. Even with all that said, I know many of those plants will emerge from that burial, with life and resiliency. That's what I love about nature, there are hidden lessons everywhere, just waiting for us to discover them.

Often times, in the early morning, I am found sitting at my altar, incense burning, cards laid out, crystals sparkling in the sunlight, staring out my windows. This place of solitude allows for an intimate conversation to take place, one where I am the listener, and the life right outside my window is the teacher. I watch and I listen. There is so much to be gained from simple observation. Lately, observing my feathered friends has been more enlightening to my spirituality, than any other form of divination. I have found much comfort in their presence, more so since the snow has arrived.

There is much to think about, much that is hidden in the snow.

Next time you look out the window, take a seat, listen, and allow your mind to wander. I think you will be surprised in what you hear.



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