Color Sorting with Crystals, Gemstones for Toddlers

I find myself always looking for creative ways to bring a little magick into my toddler's learning experiences and this what better way than color sorting with buttons and crystals! We explore a variety of learning activities throughout the week and today I decided to enhance her experience with the energies and colors of gemstones! I established a small home Montessouri program for Lily, shortly after bringing her home. I found quickly that Lily's desire to learn was incredible, along with her attention span and focus. Knowing she wouldn't be able to start at the local montessouri school until the age of 2, I was not willing to wait! So most days, when I'm not working on my Etsy Store, making YouTube videos, or riding along on my spiritual journey, I am found sitting along my sidekicks, Lily and Winnie the Pooh. I teach, Lily teaches, and Winnie does too and each of us learn a little something along the way!

Lily is often found exploring through my boxes of tumbled stones. She can't keep her little hands off of them. I can certainly understand how this would be difficult. Witches love their crystals! Aside from holding them in her hands, eyes squeezed tight, feeling the energy running through her hands, she loves to sort and organize them! Her favorite thing to do is to take each gemstone out of the box, only to place each one individually back in the sorted areas. So I found it quite fitting to explore a color sorting activity and to create this learning activity pagan style!

So why is sorting important in Montessouri teaching? Sorting helps to build the basic building blocks for mathematical concepts, logical thinking, and organized thought patterns. Here is one sorting activity that will encourage your toddler to become familiar with their colors and their crystals.

Items You Will Need:
- Clear Containers
- Tumbled Gemstones
- Colored Buttons
- A Joy for Learning (the most important, as your child will learn a lot of this from you!)

Start by deciding how many colors you want to work with, this can range depending on your child's need and depending on your supplies. Choose gemstones and buttons that are mostly solid, so its easy for your child to sort. You can always progress to harder colors later on. You will want to place the clear containers in a row in front of your child.

Allow your child to assist in choosing each gemstone or button and have him/her place a piece in each bowl, from left to right. Once all your bowls are set up, allow your child to start sorting on their own. As tempting as it may be to help your little one, be patient and see what they can figure out first on their own.
As your child places each colored gemstone or button into the bowl, say the name of the color and crystal aloud, encouraging him/her to repeat after you. If your child places the wrong colored gemstone or button in the inappropriate bowl, do not correct, but allow him/her the opportunity to correct themselves and place the gemstone in the correct bowl. I have found this activity to be great for encouraging the development of fine motor skills, memory recognition, color and gemstone recognition, toddler independence, and a joy for learning!




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